Welkom, Welcome, bun venit, bienvenue, fogadtat√°s,

Connect to the server.

Restart 23/7

The server has been freshly wiped and restarted in mixed PVP/PVE mode. PVP is active from 15:00 UTC till 23:01 UTC, corresponding with 16h00 till midnight for players living in Belgium.
Player download is permanently enabled. Cross-server dino download is not enabled, because it is way too easily abused.

As for the map, we are sticking to the center for sure. There is an extra dessert island, but scorched earth resources and dinos can be found in several locations on the map. Detailed information can be found in the change notes of the Dessert Island mod.

Backups of the pre 23/7 version of the server are still available for download.

2km-Backup-2017.07.20_11.26.7z and 2km-Backup-2017.07.21_19.29.7z are each less than 10MB and contain the state of the map, all tribe files and all player profiles.

The content of the SavedArks folder in the archive can be copied into your ..\ShooterGame\Saved\TheCenterSavedArksLocal folder in single player or into the folder you have configured on your server. In order for you to the 'you' you were on 2km, there is a %steamID%.arkprofile file you will want to copy over your LocalPlayer.arkprofile. If you don't know your steamID you can use a text editor to search in all *.arkprofiles for your player name. Obviously you can also use your admin powers to claim what you want and destroy the rest.


By now the flyer changes are stable and it is pretty obvious they make little sense on PVE. Classic Flyers allows us to use birds they way they were before patch 256 and even though we now switch to PVP we'll keep it.


Farming and XP multipliers are set to 3. Taming, hatching and growing is set to 10. Imprinting bonus multiplier is set to 5. Oxygen~swimspeed is set to 2.


Voice chat

Many of us use discord by default. You dont need to have a registered account to connect to the discord, even though I strongly recommend it. It takes less than 5 minutes to make one. To use it as a guest, go to https://discordapp.com/, hit the "Open Discord in your browser"-button, enter a username, click join a server and enter this code 8wjSqJv and you're all set. The server is called 2km and you can use the permanent invite to go directly to the ARK channel. In case you want to contact the admin: search for wandelaar#5569.